L. Benassai, E. Khutoryanskiy
May 2021
V-Ray, 3DS Max, Rhinoceros, 3D Print
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Barilla Competition

I like to make those I love happy by cooking their favorite pasta; when I cook pasta, however, I also like to experiment, to amaze them with something unexpected

RITORNI, is the new pasta shape you don’t expect, a rigatone from which some parts have been removed in order to obtain a playful alternation of solids and voids: it intrigues the eye and moreover it is functional to hold each kind of sauce. The Barilla’s durum wheat semolina of all time, for a balanced roughness and thickness: an extraordinary consistency and texture, able to enhance even the most noble ingredients. A shape that brings out the artist in you, that will make your dishes able to leave everyone speechless